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Brothers Fly the Nest in Murmuration to Oxford Meadows

Two brothers from West Yorkshire have both taken their first steps on the property ladder by buying houses on the same Riva Homes development in Gomersal, thanks to our discount-to-market scheme!

You’ll find no sibling rivalry here – Tom and Charlie Taylor chose to become neighbours to stay close to each other, and the discount-to-market properties at Oxford Meadows meant they were able to realise their property dreams and remain just across the ‘hallway’ from each other.

The eldest of the pair, Tom was the one to lead the way with a reservation as soon as he saw the building work commence. “The location in Gomersal is spot-on and I’d heard Riva Homes are brilliant housebuilders, so when I saw them building on Oxford Road I got in touch straight away!”

Younger brother Charlie was also house hunting, but at the time he didn’t qualify for the discount-to-market scheme due to his age. This is one situation where Covid helped because he paused house hunting during the pandemic until two years later, when he became the qualifying age of 24, and the last discounted plot at Oxford Meadows became available!

“I realise how very lucky I am to have been helped by the scheme to buy a new house like mine – it is so lovely!” says Charlie. “Without the discount-to-market opportunity I would have had to lower my expectations and move much further away. Riva Homes has kept me in a great area that I love and it has meant I am still really close to my family.”

Big brother Tom knew straight away that he wanted his first home purchase to be a new build. “It’s great to have a ready-made home,” says Tom. “I bought my house at Oxford Meadows off-plan – I hadn’t even looked at any others. When I got the keys it was even better than I expected – it’s perfect!”

So, whose house do they hang out at the most?! Well, Charlie told us: “I love my house – the living room is so homely and, because it’s a three-storey house, I have a big master bedroom suite on the top floor, which is amazing, but we tend to hang out at Tom’s house more because he has Sky Sports!”

Not only do the brothers live on the same development, they also work together in their family business, Taylor Smith Fabrications, along with their mum and dad. “We’ve always been a really close-knit family and it was quite emotional when we both moved out of our parents’ home,” explains Charlie, “but living nearby will bring us even closer together and we already have family meals planned.”