Make an enquiry


Do I need to make an appointment to visit the Marketing Suite?

If you would like to discuss something with the development Sales Advisor you must make an appointment. You can make an appointment by e-mail or telephone. Please refer to the contact details for each development.

Do you offer assisted move or part exchange packages?

This depends on the development. Please see the ‘ways to buy’ section of the website for more information or speak to a sales advisor at one of our developments for more information.

Can we reserve a property before it is released for sale?

No, you cannot officially reserve a property before it is released for sale. However what we can do is offer you the chance to make an early bird reservation. This will ensure you have the first chance to reserve the property once it is officially released for sale.



How do I reserve a new home?

Visit the development you are interested in purchasing a property on and speak to the development Sales Advisor there. The Sales Advisor will confirm the guide price of the property and advise whether it is available for purchase. They will ask you a few questions to ensure you are in a position to reserve a property.

If you want to go ahead and reserve your new home you must attend a reservation meeting with the sales advisor. At this time you will be required to pay the reservation fee and sign the appropriate documents.

During this reserved period your new home will be withdrawn from sale and it will not be subject to any price increases. We will then ask you to exchange contracts and pay a deposit on exchange within 56 days from reservation. This reservation fee and deposit are then deducted from the price of your home at completion stage.

Meeting deadlines

If you have any problems meeting deadlines please inform us immediately. We will do our utmost to accommodate delays but regrettably we may have to put your home back on the market if you are unable to meet your exchange deadline. However we can sometimes arrange for you to have first choice of future releases.



How much money is required as a reservation fee?

We generally require between a £500 (if using help to buy) and a £1,000 as a reservation fee for properties.

How much of a deposit will I have to pay?

It is typical to expect to have to pay a 10% deposit on exchange of contracts or 5% deposit when using Help to Buy. Clarification should be sought from your conveyancing solicitor at the time.



Is my reservation fee refundable?

Your reservation fee is generally non-refundable unless a circumstance outside of your control means you have to cancel your reservation. Speak to a sales advisor for more information.

What documentation do I need to bring with me to make a reservation?

You will need to bring 2 different forms of ID, one from each of the lists below.

To confirm your identity:

  • Current signed full UK Passport
  • Current UK photo card driving licence (full or provisional)
  • Current Benefits Agency (Job Centre Plus/The Pensions Service) benefits book or original notification letter from the Benefits Agency confirming your right to benefits.
  • Any Government Issued identity Certificate with a photograph endorsed.

To confirm your address:

  • Current UK photo card driving licence (full or provisional)
  • Current UK full driving licence (old paper style)
  • Current bank/building society statement showing your current address (including credit card statement)
  • Current Council Tax bill
  • Current local council rent card or tenancy agreement
  • Recent utility bill (e.g. gas or electricity) or certificate from utilities supplier confirming a pre-payment agreement.
  • Current Benefits Agency (Job Centre Plus/The Pensions Service) benefits book or original notification letter from the Benefits Agency confirming your right to benefits.
  • Most recent mortgage statement from a recognised lender.
  • Current EU Member State Identity Card.

Can you provide mortgage advice?

Our Sales Advisors can arrange a telephone call or appointment with our nominated Mortgage Advice Bureau – New Homes Mortgage Helpline, who have access to a wide range of mortgages and specialise in new build purchases. Please contact the Sales Advisor at the relevant development for more information.



Can I choose the specification of my home?

We’re not just building a Riva Home, we’re building your home - and depending on the build stage we give you the opportunity to personalise it to your own taste before you move in.

We generally offer a range of kitchen styles and colours to choose from as standard and then give you upgrade options such as appliances, taps, splashbacks, breakfast bar options and more. Please check the site specific specification for all details.

We offer a flooring selection throughout which you can choose from a set range and we also offer upgrade options for tiles, and carpets so we can create a home that is personal to you, and ready to enjoy as soon as you move in. You also get to check the electrical layout and make sure all the sockets and lights are just where you want them.

Your Sales Advisor will be able to talk you through which options are available and will then arrange a convenient time for you to visit and make your selections.

When should I insure my new home?

Your new home is insured by Riva Homes until the moment of legal completion. From then on you are responsible for the insurance of both the buildings and its contents.

Your mortgage lender will insist on building insurance. They may recommend an insurer but you should also be able to shop around for the best deals - please check with your lender on the type and amount of cover required.

Contents insurance can in many cases be included within the building insurance policy. However you can have separate insurance providers for buildings and contents. It is your choice whether to insure your contents or not.

Can I visit my new home during construction?

We know that you will want to visit your new home during construction as it is an exciting time, however under the current guidelines and Covid restrictions site visits will be limited and by appointment only. We will offer you the chance to visit you new home at suitable intervals depending on the build stage. The Sales Advisor or Site Manager will advise you when you can visit the property.


A new home building site is exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Your safety is of prime importance to us. Therefore, we must require that you contact the Sales Representative before visiting the construction area. We reserve the right to require that you wear appropriate safety equipment such as a hard hat, high vis and boots and that a member of our staff accompany you during your visit. We also reserve the right to refuse your request to enter the building site if there are any safety concerns.

Please observe common-sense safety procedures at all times when visiting:

  • Keep older children within view. Due to safety regulations, no children under 16 are allowed on site.
  • Do not walk backwards even one step. Look in the direction you are moving at all times.
  • Watch out for boards, power cables, tools, nails or other building materials that might cause an injury or accident.
  • Do not enter any level of a home that is not equipped with stairs and rails.
  • Stay a minimum of two metres from all excavations.
  • Give large, noisy building machinery or delivery vehicles plenty of room. Assume that the driver can neither see nor hear you.

Visiting your new home during the 14 days prior to legal completion:

During the final 14 days prior to your legal completion your new home will be inspected and tested on at least three occasions.

From this 14-day mark we are especially strict about what goes on in your new home. Our aim is to deliver a clean and complete home to you on legal completion day. This means that your home will have restricted access. Only finishing trades and customers are allowed inside.

Should you visit your new home during this period we ask you to note the following:

  • Please do not enter your home without the prior permission of the sales representative.
  • Trades may still be working in your home and surfaces may not be dry or finished.
  • Please do not place items on surfaces that might be marked.
  • Please keep children, other family members and pets under your control. New surfaces and finishes can be easily marked.
  • Smoking, eating or drinking in the home is not permitted.

How do I report any snagging or issues once moved in?

A Riva Homes we use a web-based customer care software called Clixifix. This allows you to report any issues online which are then directly picked up by our Finishing Foreman and Sales advisor. Clixifix allows you to see that Riva Homes has acknowledged a reported issue and that a contractor has been nominated to respond. It has an intuitive ticketing system which allows you to clearly see when a repair will be carried out and by who. Your sales advisor will talk you through it in more detail at completion and will always be on hand to help you with any issues.



Will my new home come with any warranty?

At Riva Homes we place the highest priority on service and satisfaction, so you’ll enjoy our two-year Customer Care warranty with a dedicated in-house customer service team on-hand to deal with enquiries quickly and efficiently.

For extra peace of mind, our new-build homes come with a ten-year warranty from the LABC, which covers any structural defects that may appear within the first ten years.