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New Build Home Owners Save Thousands On Energy Bills!*

With the current energy crisis forcing gas and electric bills to rise significantly, the energy efficiency benefits of owning a new build home can save you thousands of pounds every year.

A new report published by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has revealed that new build owners will save an average of £2,600 a year* on energy bills compared to living in inefficient older properties.

Better for your pocket and the planet

According to HBF data, an average new build home uses around 100kWh per square metre of energy each year. To put that into perspective, older properties use approximately 259kWh per square metre.

So, if you’re looking to reduce your household’s energy usage and carbon emissions, a new build home is the best choice.

They’re a massive 63% cheaper to run, which can help to lower your combined energy bills by £217 a month – a significant saving of over £2,600 a year!*

These financial benefits are thanks to the modern design and high-quality products we use to build your new home. As well as including energy efficient heating systems and appliances, we also build-in high-performance insulation, double glazed windows and water efficient appliances and fittings, which give our homes an excellent EPC rating.

Thinking about moving home? Now is the time to buy new!

*Figures based on HBF 2022 ‘Watt a Save’ report. Read the full report here: